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Echocardiography examination (usg, echo of the heart) A test to evaluate the morphology of the myocardium, valve apparatuses and major blood vessels. The examination is performed with Doppler measurements.

Electrocardiography examination (ekg) A test to evaluate the electrical function of the heart muscle (conduction disorders, arrhythmias).

Chest x-ray examination
Blood pressure measurement Measurement of systolic pressure by Doppler.

Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and pulmonary diseases

Transthoracic ultrasound examination of the lungs Test for diagnosis and differentiation in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Diagnostics Pneumonia, cardiogenic and non-cardiogenic edema, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, among others.

Bronchial tree washings Collection of material for cytological and bacteriological examination from the respiratory tract.

Thoracocentesis (thoracic puncture)
Pericardiocentesis (puncture of the pericardial sac)
Abdominocentesis (abdominal puncture)

Endoscopy of the respiratory tract

Bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy Endoscopic examination performed under anesthesia with the possibility of taking swabs.

General surgery

Preventive treatments - spaying and neutering of dogs and cats

Soft tissue surgery including:
- removal of stones, urethral excision
- intestinal intussusception, removal of foreign bodies
- sterilization in abscessing
- closure of abnormal vascular connections like portal-peripheral anastomoses

Oncologic surgery including:
- splenectomy
- mastecotmia
- enterectomy
- removal of skin tumors
- removal of thyroid nodules

Upper respiratory tract surgery - nasal mirror plasty
- soft palate plasty
- correction of laryngeal collapse
- laryngeal lateralization

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